Cape Town, South Africa: How to Celebrate?

South Africa is among the largest countries in the world and is one of the established countries in the African continent. South Africa has been ruled over the centuries by the British and thus the British norms and rituals are seen in almost every part of the South African regions. It has also hosted cricket and football international events i.e. World Cups and is one of the most terrific places in the world to tour on the New Year’s Eve.

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa and it is the hub of the foreigners in South Africa where Europeans, North Americans and South Asians are usually seen on the streets and on the roads. The vibrant city of South Africa hosts the New Year’s Eve for three consecutive days like Edinburgh. The Victoria & Albert Waterfront in Cape Town hosts one of the largest fireworks in the world on the New Year’s Eve. The concerts and music are played at midnight in Cape Town and especially in Victoria & Albert. The picnics and parties are carried out in Table Mountain where the beautiful scenes are witnessed. The New Year’s carnivals take place in almost every corner in Cape Town’s territories. The beaches are filled with tourists on the New Year Eve where each and every place is seen with people lying and enjoying the evening. It is estimated that almost 10,000 performers dance on the streets of Cape Town during the New Year’s Eve in order to entertain and celebrate. This is one of the oldest traditions in the world which almost dates back to the 19th century British reign. It is suggested to the tourists that if they are looking for a place for their next New Year’s Eve, they should strongly consider Cape Town as their destination.  See Happy new year 2018 wishes on