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April 28, 2010

Calling all would be Chefs in Macau!

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I just noticed this competition

The top 8 Asian young chefs from the countries below will on Thursday, 20th May 2010 compete to be the best young chef in Asia when they on public display testing their skills during one and a half hour of fierce competing they will prepare a perfect fish dish accompanied by 3 side dishes. The Winner of the contest 2010 will have the honor to represent Asia in World Young Hope Contest in Belgium March 2011.
8 young, brilliant and determined chefs below 24 of age and from one of the 8 Asian Countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Macao, Hong-Kong, Singapore, China) will have the chance to join.

They will have to prepare a fish dish in the respect of Escoffier Heritage.

Maybe you can get some ideas from the escoffiers famous cookbook here!

It is organised by the disciples of escoffier in asia.

Hurry, there is not long to go for those interested in this.

December 7, 2008

HKD moneda es aceptada en Macao?

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Allan Martin asked:

Vi que Macao moneda es RP. Si voy a ser procedentes de Hong Kong, ¿es necesario que el intercambio de mi HKD a RP? O puedo usar HKD en Macao?

June 16, 2008

haawka tiikaii akaquii mayaha nyawaiet ahan kanam mat macau aquay.

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Richard C asked:

May 19, 2008

Dónde obtener barata comida vegetariana en Taipa (Macao)

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mingmangat asked:

Hola, donde podemos obtener barata comida vegetariana en Taipa (Macao)? ¿Cuánto es la tasa por comida?

January 5, 2008

¿Alguien aquí sabe todo de hoteles, restaurantes o casinos que pueden patrocinar a un solicitante de un puesto de trabajo en Macao?

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roche asked:

por favor hágamelo saber si alguien sabe de una empresa que patrocinan a los solicitantes a encontrar un puesto de trabajo en Macao. gracias

December 27, 2007

We arrive at 4:30pm at Macau airprot and want to reach Hong Kong by 11pm, as the accomodation in Macau is expensive. We want to see St. paul cathedral, Macau tower and sands casino( not for gambling, just for sake of seeing) and leave to hong kong by ferry. Please tell me if this is possible and suggest any changes to the itenerary….

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hoover n asked:

November 8, 2007

¿Es necesario un visado para ir a Macau.Hong Kong y China?

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sheree amor asked:

Soy Reese de Filipinas tiene previsto un recorrido en Hong Kong, Macao y China.Will voy a pasar una inmigración cuando voy a Macao, Hong Kong y China ? Por favor, advice.Thanks

June 29, 2007

mi amigo en macau dijo que ella me reservar

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miles asked:

June 27, 2007

¿Debo ir a Macao cuando en Hong Kong?

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Juan_Pablo_Castel asked:

Tengo 5 días en Hong Kong y me preguntaba si vale la pena ir a Macao para un día completo viaje?

March 29, 2007

hasta qué punto es pekín de Macao? cuánto es la tarifa? por favor ayuda. gracias?

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nateandxach asked:

y de Macao a beijing.what tipo de transporte es mucho available.thanks

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