What we know about the food we eat is that it usually contains nutrients but other than that, if we stick to eating healthy we are actually benefiting some of the best things the world can offer, and one of this is Hordenine which is found in some of our regular foods like bitter orange, and barley, while surprisingly beer which is produced from brewed barley increases our body’s hordenine levels that are found in our blood.

Hordenine, is believed to have several health benefits to us and the most notable one is that it helps increase our energy, focus and it also protects our skin from different hazards, but, overdosing in hordenine, can cause adverse effects to our body and can cause false positive results in drug tests and other negative side effects, but nevertheless, hordenine has much more benefits than its negative effects.

Scientifically, hordenine is known otherwise as the N- dimethyl tyramine, which is a type of alkaloid mainly found in plants like barley which are manufactured as beer and one of the main staples for animal feeds.

Hordenine is adrenergic, which means, it triggers our nerve cells to release epinephrine or adrenaline neurotransmitters and norepinephrine or noradrenaline to our system which enhances our mental focus, energy, endurance, and strength. This gives us the effect of fight or flight response, especially in emergency situations.

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In the world of horse racing, hordenine is used to improve racehorses’ performances which stirred a scandal in this sport after the food that was given to some horse races contained hordenine. Although there are countries that tolerate this kind of act, there are some that banned this kind of conditioning done to the racing horses and treats it as an act of cheating.

In this article, let us focus more on the benefits of pea and hordenine to give us more knowledge about this substance that makes a person alert, focused, and well-energized.

  • ALERTNESS- This substance increases a person’s alertness by increasing the heart rate and breathing to a hundred per cent which is accompanied by alertness, but its effect is short-lived, it only lasts for about 20-minutes. Some of its side effects include profuse perspiration and defecation, right after the effects have taken place.
  • ENERGY- Since it is responsible for increasing the response of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline, its effects include increased energy, and focus which is very helpful for people who need strength to complete a task or a person who is into fitness and bodybuilding who wants to improve their performance and workout regimen. A lot of bodybuilders include hordenine to their stack of supplements whenever they are planning to join pageants according to some surveys and research. They buy hordenine which is supplement based and consumes it along with their performance enhancing supplements.
  • SKIN PROTECTION- Hordenine can decrease the level of melanin production in a human cell by more than thirty per cent according to studies conducted by medical experts. Hordenine inhibits the production of melanin and become responsible for expressing the proteins which are needed to create melanin in our skin. Melanin, if overproduced can cause skin disorders like freckles, spots, and melasma or the brown patches on our face, but with hordenine, this can be prevented.